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Thu, 02 Oct 2003

This is an archived blog post. I've switched to using WordPress as my blogging software and have not migrated all my old posts. I believe strongly in not letting an old link die, so this page continues to work. Please do visit mikemason.ca/blog to read newer posts.

I’m No Superman

One of my favourite TV shows at the moment is Scrubs. It’s hilarious, it’s on Fridays, go watch it. The theme tune features the line “I can’t do this all by myself — I’m no Superman”. This sums up how I feel about pairing. We’ve all got more to learn about how we do development, and I get a lot from my pairing sessions. I gain knowledge from someone who might know more about a particular piece of the system, I stay honest because my pair isn’t going to let me skive off reading random websites, and if I lose focus my pair can ‘drive’ for a while. I’m getting Test Infected too – this Agile stuff is great!

Posted 17:37, 02 Oct 2003.  

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