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Thu, 24 Jul 2003

This is an archived blog post. I've switched to using WordPress as my blogging software and have not migrated all my old posts. I believe strongly in not letting an old link die, so this page continues to work. Please do visit mikemason.ca/blog to read newer posts.

Not Invented Here

I’m using Blosxom (pronounced “blossom”) to write my blog, rather than coding something up myself. I feel the need to to try to break my previous tendency to write everything from scratch instead of using something “out there”. I’ve seen this happen a lot – especially amongst ambitious young things kicking around at software companies. It’s been called Not Invented Here Syndrome and I’m going to avoid it on this blog.

There are a number of requirements I’ve got for blogging software, including static generation of pages and running without a database. Blosxom is a single Perl script, and blog entries are simple text files on disk. The file date is used as the date for the blog entry, and inside you just enter a title and start typing. Blosxom is extensible using plugins, and the real clincher is that there’s pretty much a line-for-line Python port. Why is this useful? I’m intending to port Blosxom to Ruby, using the two previous versions as a guide.

Posted 21:31, 24 Jul 2003.  

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