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Sun, 27 Jul 2003

This is an archived blog post. I've switched to using WordPress as my blogging software and have not migrated all my old posts. I believe strongly in not letting an old link die, so this page continues to work. Please do visit mikemason.ca/blog to read newer posts.

Up and Running

Well, the blog finally made it up onto mikemason.ca, and I even have someone linking to it, so I guess that makes it real. Blosxom turned out to be dead easy to use, and took all the hard work out of programming and navigation logic. Blog entries are just text files, optionally organised into directories which become categories inside the blog. Customising the page layout is simple, with headers, footers and per-entry templates. I added a couple of plugins, calendar to display a MovableType style calendar, antispam to obscure email addresses, and smartypants which does some fancy quote and em-dash replacements on the text. Antispam and smartypants run on the blog text, in a kind of filter-servlet fashion, incrementally altering the content and passing it on to the next filter. Calendar provides specific extensions to generate content wherever you want it, with the calendar on this page created by adding the text $calendar::month_calendar to my “footer” template.

The hardest thing about doing a website seems to be getting CSS working properly. I’ve got the thing looking reasonable in IE, but Mozilla Firebird seems to miss half the formatting and just looks rubbish. Once more the world of dodgy, misimplemented, bastardised web-standards is causing me grief…

Posted 23:11, 27 Jul 2003.  

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