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Sat, 09 Aug 2003

This is an archived blog post. I've switched to using WordPress as my blogging software and have not migrated all my old posts. I believe strongly in not letting an old link die, so this page continues to work. Please do visit mikemason.ca/blog to read newer posts.

My first Blosxom Plugins

I’ve been playing with Blosxom. It’s quite fun, and gives me an excuse to write some easy bits of Perl code. The silly status messages in the top right corner are now generated by a “userstatus” plugin, and the list of other blog links to the right is generated by a “bloglinks” plugin.

Both the plugins were pretty trivial and simply read text from a data file then spit it out with some formatting. Other people have written much better versions (there’s an OPML blogroll generator here for example) but mine do the formatting exactly how I want.

Download bloglinks 0.2 or userstatus 0.1.

Posted 12:28, 09 Aug 2003.  

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