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Mon, 18 Aug 2003

This is an archived blog post. I've switched to using WordPress as my blogging software and have not migrated all my old posts. I believe strongly in not letting an old link die, so this page continues to work. Please do visit mikemason.ca/blog to read newer posts.

Soundtrack to your life

Last night I was out listening to a friend of mine DJ, and he played one of those tracks that send shivers down your spine. I’ve heard this tune a bunch of times, and asked whether it was from a film or something. Marty replied, “It’s the soundtrack to your life”, and he’s dead right. Music really does stir memories, and even if I can’t remember the exact context for a particular song, I feel the same kind of way on hearing it. I think sometimes I listen to music that fits my mood, but I also listen to music to change my mood. Current favourite “shivers down the spine” tune is Misty Blue. It’s quite interesting to think how the soundtrack to your life has changed over the years – I think I’ve discovered my “thing” with deep house like Tom Middleton.

In other news, it appears imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Posted 17:31, 18 Aug 2003.  

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