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How to Post Comments

My last post seems to have generated some commentary, as was intended. I moderate all comments and if you haven’t posted before it might take me a while to approve your comment. Once you’ve had one comment approved any future comments should appear immediately. I’m doing this is so I can filter out Viagra spam and it’s really in everyone’s best interests.

Internet script kiddy “you fail, loser” comments do not further the discussion and I will delete them. I’ve let everything through so far, since I didn’t set any ground rules, but I’ll be less lenient in future. Please limit yourself to mature responses that contribute something other readers might find interesting. Anything else will be deleted—you’re wasting your time posting that kind of thing here.

Please use your real name when you post (not that I can actually check who anyone really is). Anonymous posts will be consigned to the bit-bucket in the sky. Feel free to enter a fake email address, I don’t think WordPress actually uses them for anything. Thanks!


mike on January 30th 2008 in Blog

Blog upgraded to WordPress

I’ve upgraded to WordPress after several happy years using Blosxom. Whilst Blosxom is a neat blogging engine and has served my needs well, it doesn’t really have all the spanky new “community” features that I’d really like. A colleague told me recently that I’d gone “dark” and that’s true–hopefully easy drafting of blog posts and features like comments and trackback will help me reconnect.

The older archived is still available, and anything indexed by a search engine will continue to work. If you see something awry, please let me know.


mike on December 28th 2007 in Blog