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Pragmatic Version Control using Subversion Mike is the proud author of Pragmatic Version Control using Subversion, published by The Pragmatic Bookshelf.

A tutorial introduction to version control as well as Subversion, the book will get you up to speed quickly on core version control techniques. The book’s recipe based approach makes it easy to understand all the topics and apply them to your own projects. The second edition is expanded and revised to cover new features in Subversion 1.3 such as file locking and path-based security, and all the material still applies to newer releases of Subversion.

Pragmatic Guide to Subversion Mike’s new book is the Pragmatic Guide to Subversion, also published by The Pragmatic Bookshelf.

As a developer, you probably have knowledge of more than one source control tool and are expected to fluidly switch between tools depending on where you are working. This book was written to bridge the gap between knowing something about version control in general and knowing about Subversion specifically.

In Pragmatic Guide to Subversion, Mike drives developers to the features and practices that have made Subversion so successful. Each of the 48 tasks selected for the book is presented as a quick two-pager, with a succinct description on the left side and a quick reference on the right. The book is designed for experienced developers who know how to learn and want to get straight to the tricks and traps they’d otherwise learn by trial and error.

Subversion started life as a command-line tool but graphical clients are now extremely popular and can offer a lot of extra power. For every task in Pragmatic Guide to Subversion, you get to see how to carry out the task via the regular command-line client as well as the TortoiseSVN graphical client for Windows, and the Cornerstone graphical client for Mac.

Whether or not you’ve used other version control tools, you’ll learn Subversion’s popular way of working-how to access your source code, make changes, and share them with your team. Each of the development tasks selected for the book gives simple steps toward completion, paired with a clear explanation.

Mike enjoys hearing from people who are interested in Subversion, do drop him a line if you have comments or questions.

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mike on December 30th 2007

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